By renee August 31, 2015 gallery

I’ve added over 200 HQ photos of Karlie attending the 2015 Video Music Awards, which she attended with her Bad Blood co-stars.


kkw_2015VMA_003.jpg kkw_2015VMA_089.jpg kkw_2015VMA_101.jpg kkw_2015VMA_211.jpg

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By Mouza July 22, 2015 gallery

I’ve updated the gallery with several albums of Karlie attending some events and candids of her out & about in New York, enjoy!

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By renee June 20, 2015 gallery

I’ve added 20 HQ photos of Karlie cycling through New York City on June 20!


kkw_candids-20150620_020.jpg kkw_candids-20150620_020.jpg kkw_candids-20150620_020.jpg kkw_candids-20150620_020.jpg

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By renee June 04, 2015 interviews

It’s hard for any woman who’s over six feet tall to attend an event and go unnoticed — especially if that someone is Karlie Kloss.

The glamazon attended the CFDA Awards on Monday night and stole the show in a plunging Diane Von Furstenberg dress. There’s no doubt that the blonde beauty looked gorgeous, but we couldn’t help but inquire as to how she was avoiding a wardrobe malfunction with that low neckline. “I’m not taped in,” the model said. “I’m just keeping an eye on all angles.” That’s one brave woman.

Kloss’ hair and makeup were certainly on point, but it was her flat shoes that really caught our attention — a real rarity on the red carpet these days.

“I love wearing heels, but I have to admit, it was the perfect opportunity to wear flats on the red carpet,” she told The Huffington Post. “I think it actually takes extra confidence to get out on the red carpet in flats and rock it. And the dress was too short for me to wear heels, so I had to make it work.”

We couldn’t let Kloss get away from us without asking her about her appearance in Taylor Swift’s new music video, “Bad Blood.” When asked what it was like to be on set, her answer was simple: “Any time you get to work with your best friends, it’s a good day at work.”

Word, Kloss.


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By renee April 26, 2015 gallery

Over 30 HQ photos of Karlie at the Frame Denim Meet and Greet held on April 24 have bee nadded!


kkw_FramexKarlie_003.jpg kkw_FramexKarlie_005.jpg kkw_FramexKarlie_013.jpg kkw_FramexKarlie_034.jpg

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By renee April 09, 2015 charity

Flatiron School is partnering with Karlie Kloss to create the Kode with Karlie Scholarship. The scholarship will give 20 girls across the country free tuition to Flatiron Pre-College Academy’s Introduction to Software Engineering course


By renee April 04, 2015 interviews

Porter is available through Newsstand for iOS now!

Here is what happens when Karlie Kloss walks into a room. She is wearing an anonymous enough outfit of a black turtleneck, jeans and motorcycle boots, but those arched eyebrows and green eyes are easy to spot. Blasé New York City women in motorcycle jackets and Nike Frees look up from the green-tea almond-milk lattes they are nursing and exchange giddy looks, like five-year-olds about to get a chance to hug Cinderella at Disney World. Seeing Kloss is definitely going to be the first thing they tell everyone at the office that morning.

But it is not her campaigns nor her magazine covers that they want to talk about. They thank Kloss for her cookies – that would be her gluten-free, dairy-free, but still oddly addictive Karlie’s Kookies collaboration with New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar – and tell her they buy packs every week, even eating them for breakfast. “You’re a cookie girl. I love you,” Kloss jokes. They’re not the only ones who are obsessed. Makeup artist Pat McGrath calls her a “knockout” in the kitchen: “When she brings them on set, I have to keep myself away.” Dasha Zhukova, the philanthropist and art patron, says, “When I was pregnant with my second child, I craved her Kookies, and I made the mistake of telling her. So she would send me boxes of them, so much so that when I think about that pregnancy the first thing that comes to mind is me, sitting on my couch, unwrapping Kookie after Kookie.”

By renee March 21, 2015 gallery

I’ve added three HQ photoshoots from 2014 to the gallery, as well as a HQ version of one photo from a 2014 shoot.


kkw_2014-LorealParis_004.jpg kkw_2014-Beauty_001.jpg kkw_2014-FEED_001.jpg kkw_2014-Loreal_001.jpg

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